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You might think that all thermostats are created equal, but they actually come in more varieties and with more features than ever. Long gone are the imprecise dials on the wall—now we have programmable thermostats that can make a huge impact on your energy efficiency and utility bill, manage different areas of your home separately, give you control over the humidity, and even detect when it’s time to change your filters!

A great time to update your thermostat is when you purchase a new air conditioning unit, furnace, or heat pump. You’ll be better able to fully utilize your new appliances’ many features with an updated control panel, especially with the top of the line thermostats than control things like fan speed, ventilation, and create home zones. The newest types of thermostats can also increase the lifespan of your new equipment by reminding you when it’s time for maintenance or changing your air filters. They can also control special HVAC setups such as two-stage heat pumps and air conditioning units.

However, any time is a great time to install a new thermostat when they can quickly pay for themselves in energy savings and reduced wear and tear on your system. Today’s programmable thermostats allow you to keep the house warmer when you are away at work, on vacation, or when it’s cooler at night. You can schedule your HVAC system to have the house at your optimal temperatures and humidity levels only when you are at home or active, and you can include variations like weekends, too. Some, like Carrier’s Infinity thermostat, even give you remote access via the internet or phone so that you can adjust your temperature settings from anywhere with a signal.

Because these new thermostats are packed with so many features, we recommend getting them installed by a professional. That way you can be confident that the wiring is done correctly and up to code, and that the many specialty features are correctly linked to the corresponding pieces of HVAC equipment. As you go through your spring and fall HVAC maintenance check lists, consider calling Hiwassee Chase about installing a new thermostat in your home to make for a more comfortable winter and summer!