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Join the Chase Complete Comfort Club one year maintenance plan for only $99 annually. Your club membership includes 2 thorough maintenance inspections and cleanings for the spring and fall, a full year's supply of filters for your HVAC system, $35 service calls with priority booking if your system does breakdown, 15% discount for all repairs needed, & 5% discount for system replacements. 

Your Chase Complete Comfort Club membership entitles you to these perks and savings plus the peace of mind of knowing that Chase Cares about your comfort and is committed to keeping you comfortable the entire year round. 


Commercial Maintenance Plans

Without maintenance an HVAC system can consume up to 25% more energy, and lose 5% efficiency each year.  That adds up to a shorter equipment lifespan, higher utility costs, and more money spent on repairs.  Regular maintenance will lower your company’s monthly expenses, improve your business environment, and give you more return on your investment in a quality HVAC system.

We offer a wide variety of plans that can be customized for your unique needs.

Our Commercial Maintenance Plans Can Include

  • Routine maintenance of heating and cooling systems as needed or through our cost effective maintenance plans
  • Design and installation of new heating and cooling systems
  • HVAC diagnostics and repair 
  • Design of partial or complete heating and cooling systems with new energy efficient units
  • Air quality enhancement
  • Priority service and discounts

Because your work environment is important to us, we always take a professional approach, with clean trucks, tools, and technicians and a tidy work area. Our goal is always to provide you quality service with minimal disruption of your day-to-day business operations.

Why You Should Choose Hiwassee Chase

  • No overtime charges. 
  • A discount of 15% off any required parts. 
  • Emergency service available 24/7
  • Our technicians have less than a 1% return service rate on repairs
  • We perform both employee background checks and drug testing to ensure a quality, reliable team
  • Our company is a member of ACCA, the Air-Conditioning Contractors of America, a State Licensed Mechanical Contractor and a Master Electrical Contractor.

Call us for a free quote on any and all maintenance plans. We will provide a quote based on your specific needs upon inspection of your facility.


Contact Us today to reduce your costs and increase your comfort.

Plans are subject to the following guidelines.

All plans are subject to management approval and are limited to residential type equipment. Water access to system(s) is required. Plan can be automatically renewed with customer’s approval. Plan participants receive discounted repair or replacement service during regular business hours.

Please inform office personnel of plan participation when scheduling service. Reminders for scheduling will be sent every 6 months (subject to plan start date). It is the responsibility of the plan holder to contact the office to schedule the service call. Plan may be cancelled with a 30 day written request. Price subject to change upon renewal.